Due to COVID-19, our production of Life Could Be a Dream will moved from May 8th-24th to Spring of 2021.

Auditions - Life Could Be a Dream

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Auditions - Life Could Be a Dream

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Life Could Be a Dream is by Rodger Bean and being performed with special permission from Steele Spring Stage Rights. At Olive Branch Theatricals, we strive to cast our shows without discrimination of race, age, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.

All roles for Life Could Be a Dream are Open. Auditions will be held at Green Room Music Studios in Newhall. Please prepare a 16 bar cut from a 1950's standard to fit the style of the show. Also, be prepared for a cold read. Email auditions@olivebranchtheatricals.com to schedule your audition today! Walk-ins are welcome, but are not guaranteed an audition slot. Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key - we will provide an accompanist for you. Callbacks: will be held on Tuesday, February 25th from 7:00pm-10:00pm at Green Room Music Studios.

Show Description:

SH-BOOM! Take another trip to Springfield and meet Denny and the Dreamers, a fledgling doo-wop singing group preparing to enter the Big Whopper Radio contest to realize their dreams of making it to the big time! Trouble comes in the form of Lois, who arrives to put some polish on the boys. Denny falls in love, Wally falls in line, Eugene falls apart, and along comes handsome heartthrob Skip to send the whole situation spinning. The '60s hits say it all: “Fools Fall in Love,” “Tears on my Pillow,” “Runaround Sue,” “Earth Angel,” “Stay,” “Unchained Melody,” “Lonely Teardrops,” and “The Glory of Love.” Winner of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Best Musical Award, Life Could Be a Dream will leave you laughing, singing, and cheering— let’s hear it for the boys!

Available Roles

Denny Varney 18-30 (Vocal Range: Tenor C3–Ab 4; Falsetto to D5)

Five years after high school graduation, Denny still lives with his mother, goofing off in the family basement instead of working for a living. Denny’s lack of ambition and discipline have always been his downfall, but the new WOPR Radio “Dream of a Lifetime Talent Search” has put new wind in his sails. He uses his talents as a former Crooning Crabcake (the Glee Club at Springfield High) to first create a duo, then a trio, and finally a quartet to help find the unique doo-wop sound (and backer’s money) he needs to bring his dream to reality. Jealousy rears its head when the final member of the group unintentionally steals Denny’s spotlight. Can Denny still lead the group to a win? Will he still be able to attract the ladies in the spotlight? Stay tuned…

Eugene Johnson 18-30 (Vocal Range: Tenor C3–A4; Falsetto to A5)

Denny’s best friend and co-conspirator, Eugene works hard just to stay in step with Denny’s fast-moving schemes. During most days, Eugene works for his dad down at the Springfield Sweet Shop, but at night he cuts loose with his fellow Crooning Crabcakes during singing and dancing practice in Denny’s basement. The entrance of an old grade-school crush, Lois, threatens to derail all attempts at winning the radio contest, and Eugene has to work twice as hard as the others to keep his mind in the game. Does he have a shot at winning the girl back? Can he possibly become a functioning member of the all singing, all-dancing Dream group? Stay tuned…

Wally Patton 18-30 (Vocal Range: Bass/Baritone F2–G4; Falsetto to D5)

A checker at the Piggly-Wiggly, and older brother to bad-boy Billy Ray (from The Marvelous Wonderettes), Wally is the son of a preacher who truly becomes the heart and soul of the group. He’s desperate to be a part of the group, because inclusion seems better than exclusion. Still a youngster himself, often childish, he does have an uncanny knack for seeing what’s important in life when the going gets tough. But that doesn’t mean he’s not immune to a full-on crush when Eugene’s grade-school sweetheart comes into the picture. Does Wally have a shot at the girl? Will the fight over Lois create a rift too wide to repair? Stay tuned…

Skip Henderson 18-30 (Vocal Range: Bass/Baritone Ab 2–G4; Falsetto to Eb 5)

The last add-on to our singing group, Skip is the new guy from the wrong side of the tracks, and a natural singing whiz. He works for Big Stuff Auto, the new sponsor of the group, and Skip is added to Denny’s fledgling group to turn it into a proper quartet. Skip is definitely the new alpha male, and Denny feels pushed aside and ignored for the seemingly brighter talents Skip brings to the table. Skip is also conflicted about falling in love with the boss’s daughter, Lois, the girl that Eugene and Wally are already fighting over. Could he ever possibly fit into her family? Will Skip’s bad-boy attitude break up the group’s chance to win the big contest? Stay tuned…

Lois Franklin 18-30 (Vocal Range: G3–F5)

Daughter of “Big Eddie” Franklin, owner of Big Stuff Auto, and herself a former song leader at Springfield High, Lois arrives on the scene to help shape the boys into a real singing and dancing group. Going against her father’s advice, she decides to give his sponsorship money to the fledgling singing group, and in doing so falls head-over-heels in love with bad-boy Skip. Lois’ parents refuse to allow their daughter to date the grease monkey from their auto shop, and the fireworks that ensue threaten to destroy the whole enterprise. Will Lois get the guy? Which guy? Can she be the super-glue that holds the whole group together? Stay tuned…

How to Schedule an Audition:

What to Bring to Your Audition:

  • Bring your Photo ID (mandatory if over 18). You will not be allowed to audition until we check your ID.
  • If you're a minor, we will need to see you parent or guardian's ID in order to audition.
  • Sheet Music in the correct key.
  • Headshot and Resume.

What to Expect at Your Audition:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to your audition time to complete your Audition Application form.
  • You will be greeted by the Audition Monitor who will walk you through the audition process.
  • The Audition Monitor will be checking your photo ID before your audition.
  • Once your paperwork is filled out turn your Audition Application over to the Audition Monitor along with your headshot and resume.
  • The Audition Monitor will walk you into the audition space and introduce you to the production team. You will then be asked to sing for the Production Team.
  • The Choreographer will be teaching you a segment of dance for your dance audition. Please come in the appropriate clothes. 
  • The Production Team will be providing a selection for you to do a cold read.
  • Once you have completed your vocal audition, your dance audition and your cold read, you are free to go.

Auditioning if You’re a Minor:

Parent or guardian must be on site for the duration of your audition and will be expected to sign your application for you.

Rehearsal & Show Schedule

Rehearsals will be held in the evenings at Green Room Music Studios in Newhall, CA and will begin March 2nd and will run through opening night. Opening night is Friday, May 8th, 2020, Closing Sunday, May 24th, 2020. All Performances will be in Newhall, CA.

  • Sunday, May 3rd, Load in
  • Monday, May 4th, Tech Rehearsal
  • Tuesday, May 5th, Tech Rehearsal
  • Wednesday, May 6th, Tech Rehearsal
  • Thursday, May 7th, Tech Rehearsal
    • TV Spot: Call Time 5pm in Santa Clarita 
  • Friday, May 8th Performance
  • Saturday, May 9th Performance
  • Saturday, May 16th Performance
  • Sunday, May 17th Performance
  • Saturday, May 23rd Performance
  • Sunday, May 24th Performance
  • Sunday, May 24th Performance

Event Location

  • Green Room Music Studios

    23655 Newhall Avenue
    Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Event Dates