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AUDITIONS: The Collective Singing Group

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AUDITIONS: The Collective Singing Group

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The Collective is a group of talented singers and artists from theaters all over the SoCal area with 3 degrees of separation ... getting together to have fun, and do what they love most: make beautiful music.

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  • 2 songs (one minute cut of each) of two different genres. It can be one musical theater song and one non-musical theater song (it can be two ballads, two uptempos, pop, rock, etc.whatever is going to showcase your voice and range the best)

  • Bring your own tracks to sing (no accompanist provided, but you can bring your own)

  • Bring a phone or device that you can connect to a bluetooth speaker or bring the proper cords you will need to plug into the speaker. 

  • There will also be a 5-10 minute section of your audition where the music director will test your vocal range and check your abilities to harmonize.

  • Shoes to dance (there will be a choreographed number to check musicality/movement).

Watch the video below to see OBT's The Collective perform at SCV Day 2022.

Event Location

  • Olive Branch Theatricals

    Westfield Valencia Town Center 24201 Valencia Blvd
    Santa Clarita, CA 91355

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